DAPage Hospitality™ & Facility Management Solutions

Optimized for work ticket system integration, DAPage Hospitality is a behind the scenes "magic" gateway solution connecting Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and Kenwood NXDN® two way digital radios to your work ticket order system.

Designed for hotels, apartments, casinos, and other environments requiring rapid response to community service requests, DAPage Hospitality enables Motorola MOTOTRBOT radios to send and receive text messages directly with management solutions and with other texting devices in the field.

Plug & Play Advantage

With an average installation time of a half day, DAPage’ Hospitality is a cloud based Plug & Play solution. This means no capital costs for you and your facilities. Instead, DAPage provides the services you need including continuous monitoring, enhanced trouble shooting and unique security capabilities.

hospitality worker image

CMMS Integration

DAPage Hospitality™ features seamless integration with hosptiality management programs including CMMS, CRM, and GEM options. Products we work with include but are not limited to:

  • SynergyMMS®
  • Mtech's HotSOS™
  • Workspeed®
  • Proprietary systems

DAPage enlarges the array of mobile devices available in your network to include mobile radios (including Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and Kenwood NXDN® product lines) as well as other proprietary devices.

"Many hotels have a mobile, two-way radio system on site, but due to complexities of existing in-house solutions or limitations with hotel networks... they are unable to function well and provide true real-time communications. Now hotels can use their radio systems with the same efficiencies and functionalities as hotel staff already using smart mobile devices to connect..."

- From Hospitality.net

Motorola & Kenwood Certified

DAPage, LLC is a Motorola Solutions, Gold Channel Partner applications specialist supporting the MOTOTRBO Product family and a long standing associate of Kenwood, supporting both FleetSync™ & NXDN® models.