About Us

Since 2004, DAPage, LLC has been providing cloud based solutions for modern wireless information needs. Having long since established a reputation for excellence within the public safety community, DAPage recently expanded their mission, crossing industry lines to offer state of the art integration solutions for hospitality and facility management needs.
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DAPage, LLC is a partnership between Jeff Silberberg of CompuDesigns, Inc. and Greg Ansley of Ansley & Associates, Inc. who together have over thirty years of experience providing information technology solutions for emergency services agencies and corporate customers. Their deep understanding of industry needs includes security, functionality, and dependability, all hallmarks of the DA or "Data Access" family of products and services of which DAPage Notifications™ is the current flagship member.

Now a licensed application developer for both Kenwood and Motorola, DAPage, LLC prides itself on customizable straight forward solutions and personalized customer service.

CompuDesigns, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Jeff Silberberg.
Ansley & Associates, Inc. was founded by Greg Ansley in 1994.
Jeff and Greg have collaberated on projects for the past twenty years in the common persuit of better, more intuitive communications technology and applications.