Emergency Services & Public Safety Solutions

DAPage Notifications™ for Emergency Services is a uniquely powerful incident alert messaging tool featuring CAD integration, automated shift rotation, detailed transaction logging, and an unparalleled ability to reach both wired and wireless devices alike.

Designed and priced for today’s public safety community, DAPage makes fulfilling your agency's operational responsibilities of incident notification, situational awareness updates, and staff recall efficient, easy and dependable.


DAPage's deployable services use our own custom hardware solution, the DAGate™ to enable easy integration with applications including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, crisis information management systems, and in-house paging encoders.

Smart Route Technology

DAPage's unquie Local Number Portability (LNP) tracking "Smart Route" allow you to notify large teams of volunteers such as CERT members. Without the overhead of tracking and constantly updating carrier data for the member's phone.

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Automated Shift Rotation

DAPage's new and unique "Platoon" mode sets up and supports the automatic tracking and exclusive messaging of on-duty shift personnel. Built for the needs of today's emergency services organizations, selection posibilities are not limited to "on-shift" or "everyone", but are flexiable enough to include the selection of more widely defined groups for larger incidents needing off-duty and/or volunteer responses.

The system supports tracking any number of platoons rotating on any schedule of hours per shift, and features include the unprecedented ability to automatically overlap shifts for transitional support.

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Our services are Common Alerting Protocol 1.2 (CAP) compliant.

NOAA/NWS/EMWIN compatibility

DAPage actively supports the emergency response & management community with NOAA NWS Warning & Watches service (EMWIN) notifications as defined by interest & geographical location. DAPage parses the messages according to the end user devices, allowing users to quickly receive and understand the NWS alerts that matter to them.

Administrative & User Clients

DAPage Notifications licenses include a graphically friendly Windows based user client and administrative interface. The administrative client provides intuitive graphical access to DAPage's underlying database structure. It ensures database integrity while extending the control and function of DAPage to the designated administrator. The user client is a convenient graphical gateway for formatting and sending ad-hoc and template based messages to authorized database users and/or groups.
Both the user and administrative clients are available for trial.