DAPage Partners with Earth Analytic, Inc. "Smart Mountain"

Jeff Silberberg of DAPage, LLC and Wetherbee Dorshow  of Earth Analytic, Inc announced the integration of DAPage and Smart Mountain enabling Motorola radio GPS tracking, MOTOTRBO, within the SmartMountain Dispatch module. This enhanced capability was recently demoed at the NSAA Western Regional show in Squaw Valley.


Bosch Alarm Panel Transport Integration

Bosch B465 Communicator with
DAPage Transport Interface.

This is our integration of the Bosch Alarm panel (B465) with Motorola MOTOTRBOTM transport option for connectivity to the Central Station Monitoring It utilizes the XPR-7000 Call Box kit which comes without a battery and includes an external Mini-SMA adapter so the antenna, as seen here, can be extended outside of the enclosure.  Our demo enclosure uses a combination of D-Ring and DIM rail mounting as well as a battery pack for extended operation in the event of a power failure. The solution is NFPA-72 compliant based on a reading of the 2013 revision and it's explanation of signal transport. Of course you should talk with your local AHJ (Agency Having Jurisdiction) to ensure that they are in agreement.



DAPage Hospitality allows for simple SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment of interfaces to property management solutions like Amadeus HotSOS.  The video provides an overview of the process for a staff member utilizing the MOTOTRBO® XPR-7750 radio to;

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